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1. I don't. I've told exactly one person you were a danger, and that was before I knew the terms.

2. No, he didn't. I don't need permission to speak to you.
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Telling one person in a public venue means telling everyone.

[The next part comes after a momentary pause, while he tries to get his temper under control.]

I'm not speaking for him. I'm addressing what you and I talked about.
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[His own response comes about 5 minutes later. It takes him that long to remind himself that Barry and Cisco wanted the truce, and that he does, in fact, care about what they think, no matter how irrationally Eobard pisses him off. To remind himself that people do, in fact, care about whether he throws himself headfirst into danger and how he affects other people.]

That doesn't make it okay.

[Then, a few seconds later.]

But I'll leave it at that. Both of us can talk to Barry about it.
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[Eddie leaves it at that.

But it may or may not require actually burying his communicator under the mattress of his bed and going to the gym.]