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The Reverse

AGE Unknown (Born: 2151)
LANGUAGE English, Latin, French, Spanish
OCCUPATION Physicist & Professor
OTHERS Master chess player



Reverse Flash Ring
This ring can micronize his Reverse Flash suit so he can carry it with him at all times. [ ]

Reverse Flash Suit
A Yellow Suit with black shading and red accents, it closely resembles Barry Allen's suit. Or rather Barry Allen's closely resembles the Reverse Flash's. With the timeline changes, who can tell?
[ ]

A black long sleeve henley, black zip jacket, black slim cut trousers, black socks & athletic shoes with white trim, black briefs, all high quality. [ ]

Gold Ring
A slim gold band with no ornamentation. This ring permits the bearer to speak with animals and to understand them in turn. It can sustain this power for one month. [ ]


WARNINGS: Eobard is a sociopath, a liar, a manipulator, a killer. A STALKER. Please engage with caution if any of these things could be triggering to you! If you have concerns please contact me at any point, I'm very flexible.
OOC: I'm open to all back tagging, thread hopping, thread dropping, etc.
IC: Flirting, Hugging, Kissing (Eobard isn't fond of casual or affectionate touches. Touching as a means to an end is what he prefers.)
Fighting, Injuries. Killing. Mind Powers, Maiming. (ask)

Brief biography to come.

  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Expert Tactician/Manipulator/Negotiator
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand
  • Expert Speed Force User
  • SPEED FORCE The Speed Force is a dimensional energy field that grants all speedsters their power. Eobard has a connection to the Speed Force. When he tried to prevent Barry Allen from becoming The Flash it severed his connection with it, implying that the Barry and the Speed Force are directly connected.
  • Included in his powers: Superhuman Speed, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Peak Physical Condition, Extreme Force Generation, Accelerated Perception, Electrokinesis, Intangibility, Speed Mirages, Speed Vacuum, Bodily Vibration, Superhuman Endurance and Strength
  • ARRIVAL [GROUP] Saying hello
  • MOVIES [NAT, STEVE & BARRY] Clusterfuck
  • SURVEY CALLOUT [HARRY] Trolling on the internet
  • SURVEY FUSS [CHRIS] Surveys are weird
  • MISFIRE [OLIVER] Christmas text
  • NETWORK CALLOUT [HARRY] Side-eyeing Harry
  • INBOX CALLOUT [HARRY] Poking at Harry
  • INVITE TO CORTEX [CISCO] Telling Cisco about the cortex
  • LETS TALK [BARRY] Barry returns, Eobard wants to know
  • OUTTING BARRY [PIETRO] Barry is The Flash. Hi.
  • KOLTIRA THREATS [GROUP] Koltira throws scary shade
  • GIRL!BARRY [BARRY] Eobard is creepy
  • ARRIVAL [BARRY] (Dec) Mistletoe - Barry finds Eobard trapped, they make a deal
  • ARRIVAL [HARRY] (Dec) Mistletoe - Eobard finds Harry trapped, they talk
  • MEETING [BUCKY] (Dec) Eobard pretends to be Harry and speaks to Bucky
  • MEETING [THEA] (Dec) (Bar) Thea serves Eobard a drink
  • MISTLETOE [HARRY] (Dec) Mistletoe - Eobard finds Harry trapped
  • SATANS GEESE [EDDIE] (Dec) Eddie finds Eobard in the Garden and levels a threat
  • SATANS GEESE [OLLIE] (Dec) Oliver shows up and Eobard has a few words with him.
  • MERRY CRISIS [BARRY] (Dec) Eobard & Barry are trapped in the snowy coffee shop
  • INJURED [BARRY] (THREADLESS) Eobard learns of Barry's injury
  • THE BLACK ROOM [KOLTIRA] Eobard wants payback
  • NYE [WANDA] (Jan) - Eobard meets Wanda and pretends to be Harry
  • NYE [BARRY] (Jan) - Eobard pretends to be Harry to get information from Barry
  • NYE [CHRIS] (Jan)
  • NYE [SANSA] (Jan)
  • NYE [OLIVER] (Jan) Hissing cats.
  • CAST ARRIVAL [CISCO | 1 & 2] (Jan) - Eobard encounters a newly arrived Cisco
  • WHAT TRUCE [BARRY] (Jan) - Eobard shows Barry the Cortex and discusses their truce
  • MOVIE NIGHT [CISCO] (Jan) - Eobard runs into Cisco at the Cinema. T2 is playing.
  • JUNKYARD [HARRY] (Jan) - Harry & Eobard, Garbagemen.
  • LIBRARY [BARRY] (Feb) - Secrets.
  • BONFIRE [CISCO] (Feb) - Good work, Cisco.
  • DRINKING [LEONARD] (Feb) - Have a drink on me
  • DANCING [OLIVER] (Feb) - I'm gonna lead.
  • ZOOM [HARRY] (Feb) - Laying the foundations of a better truce.
  • HELPING HAND [RAY] (Feb) - Helping an injured Ray
  • KIDNAPPED [CISCO] (Feb) - Joining Cisco to find Eddie
  • PATCH UP [LEONARD] (MAR) - Snart needs a hand
  • GETTING COZY [FELICITY] (SEPT) - Felicity in the Clock Shrine...and incence
  • GOOD DOG [THEA] (SEPT) - Thea and Eobard save each other
  • FAMILY GATHERING [JESSE] (SEPT) - Jesse runs into Eobard at Big Belly Burger
  • WELCOME BACK [BARRY & GROUP] (SEPT) - Barry loses his temper
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